Please contact Jenny to present the following topics at your school or organization:


Mindfulness Practices: Increasing Focus & Reducing Stress


Be a Magnet: For Positivity


Sparking Innovation:  Connecting to Your Innate Creativity


Check your Inbox: Media Influence on Mind & Body


Go with the Flow: Non-Attachment & Acceptance Practices to Stay Balanced


Who Am I? How to Access, Connect, and Stay Grounded in Your Truth


Mind Body Awareness for Girls & Boys (separate)


Internal Compass: Making Sound Judgements & Decisions Using Body Awareness


Find Your Tribe: The Real Story of The Giving Tree


You are What you Think: The Power of Thoughts, Feelings, Words, and the Body


Love the One Your With: Get in Relationship with Yourself 


Mindfulness Practices:

For Parents & Educators


Topics are presented in an interactive, dynamic style that run 60 minutes long designed to captivate any size group, ages 13 to 99. Weekly sessions are also available. All presentations & classes taught on your site.

Group Instruction for your school, business, organization, event:


Minfulasana Yoga Class

Classes are taught on your site one time only or available in weekly sessions. Please call or email for more information.


Please make checks payable to Mindfulasana Yoga.



Good Karma presentations & classes are offered to schools and organizations in need.











Jenny Courain, BFA, RYT 200

Richmond, Virginia


"The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away. 


                  - Pablo Picasso



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